Get It Down 31 for 21: Post 7

Tricia suggested that one of the entries are 21 things you did not know about me (or about whoever the blogger is, not all about me…). So here we go 21 things about us DS-style:

  1. Vincent has DS, but still only 46 chromosomes (tricky that translocation thing)
  2. The combined blood test/ultra sound showed no abnormalities in my pregnancy
  3. Thank G for that!
  4. It never once crossed my mind in the pregnancy that my child could be ‘different’
  5. All I wanted was to have a baby with hair, every morning and night during my pregnancy I wished for a baby with hair
  6. I got that
  7. I was told on day 3 that the Dr suspected DS
  8. I was alone, Bookie was still at home, it was 9 am
  9. That was my first Mother’s Day
  10. It sucked, I know that, but somehow it does not seem all that bad now when I think about it
  11. I knew no one with DS before Vince was born
  12. Everyone else seemed to do
  13. I was jealous of them
  14. Now I know A LOT of people with DS
  15. I like it
  16. DS does not bother me any more, at least very seldom
  17. I don’t know when that changed
  18. I very often forget Vince has DS
  19. Bookie does too
  20. That is a great feeling
  21. Being a parent to a child with DS does not make us any different, we are just as ‘normal’ as anyone else

14 Responses

  1. It only crosses my mind that my daughter has DS when someone or something specifially draws my attention to it. Otherwise she is just Meg. It seems strange to think how big a deal it was back when she was born.

  2. I like that all you wanted was a baby with hair – Vince sure does have that! 🙂 It’s amazing how much can change after that initial diagnosis isn’t it?

  3. Åh, du skriver så klokt och fint!

  4. I prayed for hair too! And we got it!!

  5. Vince has beautiful hair! Beautiful eyes too, so very Scandinavian. 😀

  6. Great post!! I love Vince’s hair!

  7. Ok, I finally linked to your page and I did it on BOTH my blogs so that must double my chances of winning those boots right? 😉

  8. Great list… and now I know why he’s got such great hair!

  9. That was so awesome! So awesome that I stole the idea!

  10. I love this list. It’s a mother’s list, with a mother’s heart.

    My list would be a lot like yours; but I didn’t pray for hair. I prayed instead that the twins wouldn’t be identical; I wanted them each to have their own personalities. I got my wish, too!

  11. Love it! Great list!

    I haven’t really talked about it (mostly because it sounds wierd) but I just knew Jack had DS. I talked to my mom about it while I was pregnant. I felt like I was having a boy…and that he’d have DS. My password into my school email back then (before I was even pregnant) was JACK. I don’t know if I just really wanted a boy or what…but it’s wierd to think about!

    I forget J has Down syndrome too. I’ve had lots of reminders since starting to teach again. I’ve had an adjustment and have to remind myself not to compare (my students are his age)…but I still find myself doing it.

    ♥ (I love V’s hair too!)

  12. Great idea! I love your list of insights. Vince has a beautiful head of hair, so bright like looking into the sun.

  13. Jag har följt din blogg ett tag och detta inlägg tycker jag särskilt mycket om och jag har läst det många gånger. Du skriver från hjärtat! Prins Vince har hamnat i den bästa av familjer.

    ps. Bra val du gjorde med skoaffären. Vi har handlat alla våra skor till storebror på Vincent (fast i Täby). Och nu har Masarin precis börjat använda Bombadillens första par (röda och vita) och jag får varje dag beröm för de coola dojorna!

  14. Hello sweet Vince,

    I’m a mother of three children, live in Holland and mijn 1,5 year old son named Vince.
    I’m a writer and on my website you can see a nice little book about prins Vince!
    Be happy always!!

    X Renate

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