Get It Down 31 for 21: Post 6

Remember that I told you we applied for a day care that was really close to our home? Remember I told you that after I told them Vince has DS, she could not look me in the eyes anymore? Remember that I told you a few days later we got a letter saying that unfortunately there was no place for Vince in their day care? Well, we got a surprise phone call yesterday. Apparently some kid decided not to go there, and they offered us a place! And you know what? We don’t want it 🙂 We are totally satisfied with the day care he has – he loves it – they love him – and there is NO way we would go to that other place anyways! But what it really means is that Vince really got in to all 3 day care places we applied to – all are just regular day care places.

On an other note, I was You Tub:ing around and found this video. It is about early reading and children with Down Syndrome. It is a few years old, but take a look, it is amazing what vocabulary the girl has at just 3 years old!

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  1. If they would have known Vince they so much would have fought about him and pay YOU to have him daycared!!!!!
    A million hugs for your sweet post yesterday!!! You’re the best!!!!

  2. I attended one of there sessions. The program looks like it could be successful, however, it is quite costly (near 300 USD)and very complicated based on what I saw.

    You must have a great love for Sharpie markers as it is a requirement that you handwrite the more then 600+ cards, with a HUGE broad tipped marker. Then there is a book “lesson plan” that I just seemed so confused about.

    I’m sure it works for some, but I wonder about whether or not a child is simply memorizing by sight, and not actually learning the word and it’s context for use. I wonder if a child knows a word but cannot comprehend it’s meaning…how useful is it.

    I was quite impressed by Robyn’s reading/writing ability, and yet sad to hear that she works as a volunteer in a school. I want my E to do something she is paid for, so that she can feel like an independant adult.

    Opps…I didn’t mean to sound so negative, I hope no one is offended. Ok, enough rambling about Out of The Box.

  3. I agree with Conny! Definitely their loss 🙂

  4. So glad you turned them down! It sounds like Vince is in a good place, that opening accepts him.

    There was an Out of the Box workshop in my area last spring and I wasn’t able to attend it. It looks like it was very successful for Robyn!

  5. I’ve heard of this program from other moms w/kids w/Ds and some seem to like it, but it seemed to time-consuming (not to mention expensive!) for me … I don’t think I would be disciplined enough to stick w/the program LOL Very impressive though!

    How funny they call you now to accept Vince, I would have said thanks, but no thanks too!

    Thanks for the link to daddydolls. Since Joe is already gone I can’t get a head-to-toe pic like they show you need to have, but I’m going to ask him if someone can take one of him over there and email it to me. I really want to get one of these for Kayla – and before he comes back! – I think she would really like it!

    I finally posted a link to your contest today 🙂

  6. We are currently using this system…although we took a hiatus over the summer when the kit got packed in the moving van (a big no-no, you are suppose to keep at it and not repeat or backtrack, but I had forgotten where I was, so we started over again.) Once you get going it is easy and actually requires about 3 minutes of your time per day. Really. If you keep the cards on your counteryou won’t forget. Will giggles while we review the words.
    It’s too early to tell you if he is internalizing these words for sure, but I have a “gut” feel that he is.

  7. Oh, and I did want to add…kids with DS tend to be whole word learners as opposed to learning reading through phonics, so this gives Will a chance to know the words that go along with so many things we see and talk about everyday. In a sense they learn their words as pictures, so now Will is learning the word “sandwich”, but we see sandwiches everyday and he hears it all the time, so now he has the word picture in there too. For instance, Will’s face lights up when he sees and hears the “pancake” card, because this guy loves pancakes!

  8. Day care is great. Sheena always comes home happy and learning new stuff too.

  9. Hello Christina,
    It is wonderful that you have come across our reading program! Kelly is very correct in her statement that most children with DS ARE visual learners and need to see the word as a whole prior to phonetics, as then they can see how the letters and words fit together to make up that word. The program has a full 14-month presentation schedule that tells you exactly what word to show when, and how many times. It also comes with every tool you will need during those 14 months. The important concept is that you teach your child that a word represents something. The program takes your child from reading single words, to couplets, phrases and then sentences, teaching them proper grammatical structure. This helps with not only reading, but also speech and writing.
    Anyway, hope this information helps, and it is wonderful to see how much you are enjoying your little Prince!

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