Get It Down 31 for 21: Post 1

I believe that due to the time difference I will have the world premiere of the blogathon Get It Down 31 for 21, the fab idea from Tricia!

Sometimes when I think about raising awareness, I think I have to get to the unknowns. To the people in the grocery store, to the people on the bus, in the mall etc etc. And I am right (biased I know), I do need to get to them eventually, but what I almost always forget is that the most effective, easiest, and most successful way of raising awareness has already been done. I am talking about our family and friends and acquaintances. I think every one that has met Vincent has been surpirsed at how little different he is. He is just a ‘normal’ little kid. OK, so we do a few more check ups, we have a little more action (think PT, EI and Signing sessions) on a weekly basis, but that is really it. Other than that, he eats, sleeps, plays, cries, climbs, crawls and tries to walk like any one else.

What is even cooler is that the people that knows us talk about us to others (unknowns) and confront them when they have views that are really not true about DS. So it is amazing to see that Vince who is only 16 months old, is himself making the biggest difference!

Thanks to Karen (who definitely will be born a Swede next time around) I am honored to say that I am featured on Strollerderby!!! How ultra cool isn’t that???

6 Responses

  1. Du har så rätt gumman. Ingen kan ju heller låta bli att bli kär i Vincent, känns som en gåva att få ha lärt känna honom. Usch va inskränkta mina tankar om bl a DS var förr… Men mest av allt är han ju en cool unge, oavsett hur många kromosomer han nu har!

  2. Yay for post 1 🙂 I’ve got to get mine up today too – it’s bad if I’m already having writers block on the 1st day!

  3. So true. And yes, I think you MIGHT be the premiere 31 for 21!

  4. Great post!! I got mine up today too!

  5. you are so right about the way you are raising awareness!

  6. You make such a good point. We tend to think of being an advocate as something that requires action, when really, all we have to do is BE. And everyone deserves that right…the right to be exactly who they are.

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