Random Bits and Pieces

You get some funny questions working in a shoe store. One mother yesterday asked if it was poison in the Frog rubber boots, as far as I know it is not, even though it is not healthy to eat rubber. An other customer spent 10 minutes in my store, chocked at the prices and disgusted by the lack of an orthopedic sole. But other than that, I have had 647 satisfied customers. At least that is what the system tells me.

Vince did make it back for the puppet show, and did not get more hurt either. He does have a pretty good cold and cough, so he has been staying home from day care this week. Other than that, things are just moving along. So here are some pics from the last few days:

With Hannah, that Irish chic. It was after 7 pm and Vince could not quite keep up with Hannah’s energy…

Working on standing and walking, Bookie built him that rail to hang on to infront of the mirror. It is a huge hit.

Goofying around by the mirror

Mommy styled the hair this morning, his haircut was NOT a success yesterday…

15 Responses

  1. So cute, I love Vincent’s “Schublädle” (drawer lip?) in the first picture. Hey and all our kids love mirrors, don’t they?

  2. Han ändrar sig så mkt hela tiden, Vincent! Han är verkligen en riktig liten kille nu och ingen bäbis! Vill äta upp honom så söt som han är!

  3. Maybe the mother wanted to know whether she could melt them down and dip her blow-pipe darts in it…

  4. Could be Kim, you are absolutely right, never crossed my mind…

  5. världens sötaste lilla kille. skönt att veta att min och alexandras bebisar får en sån fin kille till “kusin”..! puss.

  6. Oh his pouty lip is so cute!!

    What a cool idea to make a bar like that for Vince.

    I bet you will have many interesting questions and meet some strange people at the shoe store 🙂

  7. Bookie är så attans händig!

  8. I bet it won’t take long til you could compile “101 weird things shoe shoppers ask.”

  9. Na echt super was der Papa alles für den kleine Vince baut! Nicht schlecht! Oooh und Vince wird immer süßer! Hoffentlich bis bald mal!Liebe Grüße, Christian & Nicole

  10. What a handsome devil!

  11. Vince is such a handsome little guy! If things don’t work out with Hannah, send him Macy’s way!

  12. What a cute picture of the Vince and Hannah. What a pout! I love the bar in front of the mirror…if I remember correctly, you have some strong creative carpentry genes going on…first the sailboat sandbox and now a barre.

  13. So incredibly cute – made my evening!!!

  14. I have to say that Prince Vince is so darn cute! I love love love the idea of the bar in front of the mirror. It’s brilliant! What a great motivator!

  15. Oh my goodness, that is the most adorable picture with his girlfriend! So cute!

    and the bar thing is brilliant.

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