I am Here!

Forgot the memory stick, so the pictures of Vincent with his new girlfriend will have to wait till tomorrow. She is one cutie though, a few months older, bonus chromosome and Irish.

Bookie and Vince came with me this morning to help with a few things. However, the kid, cute as can be, is banned from my store for this week at least. He crawled over and puller a ladder down, the ladder landed over him… Not good, big bump on the head… This took him less than the 3 sec it took Bookie to turn around and put a spoon in his bowl. After the food break he somehow squeezed his little hand into a drawer and closed it good. Blue hand. Lots of tears. So, this is when we decided to cut their visit short. Maybe they will come back in the afternoon for the puppet show…

3 Responses

  1. Poor Vince – I hope he makes it back for the puppet show. Can’t wait to see pictures 🙂

  2. Stackars Vincent! Men starkt jobbat med kärleksaffären!

  3. Oh no! Poor little Vince!!!! Give him a biiiiig hug!!!

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