Risky Business

It is risky business being a parent. Especially with the digital technology available world wide. But Vince is loving his goofy parents:

Very ticklish under the feet

 He loves sitting on the shoulders and banging whoever is under, just to pop down every once in a while to give a big smooooch.

12 Responses

  1. Oh my, Miss E laughs the very same sweet way when we kiss her feet. Keep those goofy videos coming. We love them!

  2. That’s some good ole’ family entertainment… bravo!

  3. Such happy family sounds!!!

  4. Honey, those are awesome:-) that is by far the best sound ever:-) I miss you guys. say hi to vincent and bookie.
    Great that everything is going so good with the store:-)

    big hugs

  5. Oh my gosh, Will has the same giggle when he is kissed under the chin. I can never get enough of that sound!

  6. OMG – he has the cutest giggle!!!!! Lov’it!!!!

  7. I love your site! Vince is a cutie. Our son Tommy has Ds as well as something called Hirschsprung’s Disease which effects his tummy. He is a happy baby though at 9 mos old now. I’ll watch your blog for updates. Our son Tommy goes to daycare too, as well as his twin brother Liam. They LOVE playing with the other babies.


  9. oh that giggle makes me want to eat him up!!!! what a wonderful sound~!!

  10. Love it! Give Vince a big hug from his buddy Parker, k?

  11. oh I love his lttle giggle!

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