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I took Vince to day care this morning and dropped him off. He loves it there. It is easy to see. The teachers there are great, they came up to him immediately and he grabbed a book and sat in the cozy corner with one of them. He kept looking up at me and laughed. He was so cute. Then he waved bye bye and I left. Even though Bookie is home, we like for Vince to go and get used to it for a few hours almost every day. He likes the interactions with the other kids and to my surprise he likes the food too. He drinks and eats like there never was an issue. Soup for starter and then a meal, he also drinks out of a real cup! He is such a little big kid!

In other news, he has grown yet a cm and added a few hundred grams of weight but most importantly, his head circumference has also grown. His Dr was a bit concerned as it seemed to stand still for a long time. But he is back on track to everyone’s (i.e mostly mommy’s) delight.

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  1. Duktiga Vincent.
    Skulle vara roligt med en bild ifrån dagis på Lillprinsen.
    Kram från prinsmormor

  2. Don’t ever worry about the measurements – Prince Vince is perfect in ANY way!!!!! Lov’him!!!!

  3. I agree with Conny – but glad that the growth helped put your mind at ease.

    Delphine loves her daycare too – it’s so fun to see how they develop there isn’t it?

  4. Gudmor är också mycket mycket stolt!

  5. I remember when we were at a meeting in the school for Meg and her support assistant was telling us how good and natural she was using a knife and fork. It surprised the hell out of us because at home she didn’t seem to have got the hang of it.

  6. I’m so glad Vince loves his daycare! That must be a relief. Evan screams his head off every morning…he didn’t used to, but he’s developed some severe separation anxiety lately. That’ll ruin your morning, let me tell you.

  7. that is wonderful that Vince is enjoying daycare so much – and that they enjoy having him!

  8. Na super, dass Vince sich wohl fühlt! ;o) Liebe Güße, Christian & Nicole

  9. Jack does totally different things for us than he does at school, and vice-versa. I’m amazed that the boy walks in a line!
    Glad Vince is enjoying school so much!

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