Cyber Friends

I got a comment a while ago on a post from a mother from New Zealand who was coming to Graz with her family to have her son take part of the learning to eat program they have at the LKH Graz (University Hospital) here. Apparently, it is one of the best one’s in the world if your kid has a peg and is not eating without it. I know very little about the pegs in general, but I aksed around and apparently it is excellent over here. So people travel from all corners of the world to participate in it. So did this person who commented on my blog, together with her family. Yesterday, we decided to meet downtown Graz for lunch and wine (see there is a lot of wine culture in this country = me like).

Bookie, Vince and I met up with the family who are starting week 4 of the program today. Their son C, is a cute little cookie with an extra chromsome who was just amazing as he was signing away. It was so cool to see ‘live’ how much the signing does for our kids and their needs to express themselves. I also did get to see him ask for food AND a drink, which was really cool. The program is pretty tough on the kids AND the parents, who basically see their child starve before hopefully starting to eat. The parents and big sis D were also really nice people. We enjoyed the nice weather and a few glasses of the new wine (Sturm) that premiered yesterday at the restaurants’ all across town. As we were sitting there, an other family, also with a kid with bonus chromosome, who are participating in the program came by (The peg/non-eating has nothing to do with DS, it can be any kid with or without bonus chromosomes needing a peg). The NZ family knew them and we all sat down together for more drinks as the kids were playing. They are fr Ireland, and we chatted away for a few hours in the sun. It is really cool how just one tiny chromosome can connect people from across the world. On Saturday they are all coming over to us for dinner, Bookie is fireing up the grill, at least one more time this summer.

5 Responses

  1. Jag säger det igen, Vince är verkligen en gåva på många vis!

  2. How nice to have met some new friends – you are right how that one little chromosome can make so many other connections!

  3. That is just too dang cool. (you like my slang? and I say it VERY EllyMay-ish…I am from Arkansas, after all!)

    That really is awesome.


  4. That is awesome that that worked out!

  5. that is so neat that you were able to meet up with both of those families!

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