Vince is still sick, so he spent the night in bed with us again. So more kicks in the face and hot hot heads landing on my nose throughout the night. At 4 am I got him some more pain killers and a new diaper. He then slept close, snuggled up to Bookie’s face till 7 am. So today there is no day care and the two of them are home having an easy day.

The weather is beautiful, and the mall is abandoned. So I am online chatting, blogging, and reading. Nice for a change;-)

6 Responses

  1. I love the pictures you have in your banner, beautiful family.


  2. I hope Vince feels better soon!! HUGS!

  3. Poor guy! Feel better sweet Vince. Enjoy your downtime today Christina.

  4. Get well Vincent! Don’t let the bed bugs BITE…. hehe

  5. Poor thing!! I hope he’s better soon! And you’re all getting a full night’s sleep! 🙂

  6. Oh no! How is my little cutie-pie doing? And how are you guys doing?? We’re back 😦
    When we drove through Austria, there was a sign showing up pointing out to Graz and I was totally getting excited. I told Martin over and over that we HAVE to stop by on our way to Italy. I think, I almost had him convinced when another sign was showing up “Graz – 241 km” – then I shut up 😦 OMG, can you imagine me surprising you in the store – would have been soo damn cool!!!!

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