Vince is getting some new teeth. The count is now up to somewhere around 14. He is running a bit of a fever and was VERY restless last night. He woke up every 30 min, so lazyness considered, he spent the night in our bed. He is a wild sleeper. Every 15 minutes or so I was awakened by a foot in the face or a kick in the stomach. Then he would sit up and cry for a bit before laying down, tossing and turning, eventully going back to sleep. At 5am he had had enough and decided to stay awake. Got to love that quality time in the morning…

8 Responses

  1. Låter som något spännande att se fram emot… not.

  2. Gotta love all the teeth coming in… Joey’s going through the same thing!

  3. Sounds like Hailey when she has a bad night and ends up in bed with us! I usually get the feet in the ribs, my husband gets her head in his back… Hope his teeth pop through soon so he’ll feel better! I think Hailey is starting to teeth again as well. She only has 8 so far!

  4. Ouch! Poor Vince!! I hope you both get sleep and Vince is out of pain soon!

  5. that is why I can’t sleep in the same bed w/Kayla LOL She is constantly hitting and kicking me LOL

    If you don’t mind, would you please ask your friend (whose hubby is a Marine) where she got that doll made? Kayla might like something like that! Thanks!

  6. Ah yes, there’s nothing like a good kick in the ribs about 2 minutes after I’ve finally fallen asleep… good times. Hope he’s back to happy very soon.

  7. Jack sleeps like a maniac…he kicks and hits and loves to hook his big toe in my belly button. He got in bed with us at 6:00 this morning and did this for the next hour and a half.

    Glad daycare is going well! 🙂

  8. What is it with kicky kids? G is the same way. Hope V feels better soon!

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