New Beginnings

Today is a big day! Vince is starting day care. My little guy is big now… Even though Bookie is home for 3 months comp0letely and than has 18/hrs per week (totally flexible) we still decided to school him in now. If said No Thanks to the pace we got we have to wait till next September, so we figured we will try it out. The day care is really great (so far) and Vince will be the only one with something extra there. First kid there with something extra, but the people there are very friendly and are interested in learning more, so we are thrilled. Bookie is taking Vince for 2 hours today for a start. I can’t wait to hear how it was!


7 Responses

  1. He is ever so adorable!
    I bet they won’t let him go after two hours as they are just going to fall in love with him 🙂

  2. Det ska bli jättekul att höra hur det gick, förhoppningsvis trivs han så bra att han inte vill gå hem! 🙂

  3. Hoppas allt gått bra! Jag och Idha kan ju vittna om att dagis är ett hyvens ställe, superduperkul kan man ha där, så jag hoppas att Vincent kommer att gilla det. KRAM

  4. Der kleine Mann wird wirklich von Foto zu Foto süßer!! Lieber Vincy ich wünsch dir viel Glück und Spaß für deinen ersten Tag!! Lg Susi

  5. He is so cute! I hope he has a really fun day!!

  6. How Exciting! (And sorry about the ball pit!)

  7. What a little man you have!

    And…..yuck on the ball pit. 😉

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