Had all types of surprises for me… First one was that the ad for a special I was running starting Saturday was already in the paper, with the text ‘Starting Sept 7’ – that was my first add, and as I was so sure it was going to be in Saturday’s paper, and not Friday’s, it was a small shock to say the least when I arrived 15 min before opening and having a bunch of customers waiting. Nothing was prepared. Thankfully Bookie was with me, and helped me out. Vince, was there of course, but added less value in his input. He somehow found the empty champagne bottles I had not yet taken to the recycling place, and of course, one was not quite empty till after Vince had poured it out on the floor (in the storage) and then proceeded to crawl around in it. (Bookie took him to PT later, and I don’t know what their thoughts were on my kid smelling like a bottle of wine…). Anya, a girl who helps out on Saturday was able to come in after lunch to help me, and together we had a day of record sales. One more addition to the fun part (not) was a little -I am guessing ca 3 year old. You see, in the far end of the store, where the stripes are on the wall (see pics on previous post) there is a ball pit for the kids to play in. Makes it perfect for the parents, as we first measure the foot, then the kid jumps in the ball pit and plays while the mom/dad is browsing the store and we measure the shoes. So did this mom, and a few others too. Only problem, the girl was not quite yet potty trained, and she peed in the ball pit. 3 other kids got wet. Lovely. Guess who cleaned it up… yep me… 

7 Responses

  1. Wow what a busy day! That stinks about the ball pit!

  2. Tur att du i alla fall sålde för rekord-kassa. 🙂 Och om nu Dr:n tyckte Vince luktade alkohol så hoppas jag att han förstod att det var CHAMPAGNE!!?

  3. sounds like you had a lot on your hands! That’s no fun about the ball pit! 😦

  4. Oh, it’s a glamourous life! Glad to hear about the record sales, anyway. Keep that up.

  5. I am dying laughing over the whole champagne thing!! I can just see the PT’s faces when they get a good sniff of him!! 😉

    I won’t let my kids play in a public ball pit for that very reason. They always smell like pee. Espically the one at our local Chuck-E-Cheese.

    Sorry you had to clean it up. That’s yucky!

    Record sales though??? How cool is that!!

  6. Yay for record sales, but sorry you weren’t quite prepared for the crowd since you were expecting the ad to run on Sat! Sounds like you handled it well though! and ugh about peeing in the ball pit! Not fun at all!

  7. so happy for you for you record sales but so sorry about the pee..eeek

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