Friends Don’t Count Chromosomes

Conny, the world’s greatest photographer is coming out with a new book, and you just HAVE to check the website for it out. And if you stop by Graz, you can pick it from me, or if not you can order it on Amazon. It is in German, but we have all seen the amazing pics she is taking (if not look above at the Prince pics), and it is mainly pictures showing friendship beyond the count of chromosomes.

5 Responses

  1. OMG – I just read this!!! And I am blushing!!! 🙂 You are just the sweetest girl ever – a million THANK YOU’s and a million HUGS. You rock!!!!!!! We’re off to Italy now … but I’ll make sure to stop by the next Italian cyber café I can find and read your blog, hehe – BIG ADDICT! 😉

  2. Oh My Gosh, I love this. LOVE IT. I’m bookmarking it…and have to come back.

    So sweet.

  3. Oh Christina, thank you for sending the link. I hadn’t visited Conny’s blog in a few days, and I had no idea about the book.

    Her website is gorgeous!

  4. I just love her photography! I wish she could come photograph Kayla!

  5. Vilka underbara foton!! Hälsa din vän att de gav ett lyckorus. 🙂

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