6 Days till Opening

My whole body is hurting. A lot. But it is all coming together good. Or almost. We had a little issue yesterday. The material was supposed to arrive Saturday afternoon, well apparently they got their at 7 am. Thankfully they did not have my phone-number and finally reached Vincent in Sweden at 8.30ish who then talked to us and we went to the store at 9ish. They had asked me what the loading docks looked like, and if they could load the truck any way. I said yes, as I figured we ould lower or heighten the dock… Well, you can, but the guy had loaded the (big) truck from the SIDE. Arghh. So we needed a fork lift, which we did NOT have… But Bookie saved the day by putting on a smile at the grocery store nearby and soon after he came driving along in a fork lift 🙂


The rest of the day was spent handing out balloons and magazines to people outside the store location

At night I managed a 30 min pit stop at a surprise birthday party, Carro thought I looked all vintage in my saw-dusty shirt…

Today – we are unloading the shoe boxes!

11 Responses

  1. Bookie är allt en stjärna han!

  2. Sounds like a lot of work, but looks like fun too! Wish I was there to help unload those boxes!

  3. I love how Bookie saved the day!!

    I bet unloading the boxes of shoes will be fun!!

  4. OMG – I can’t believe how soon your shop will open and how far you came – SO AMAZING! You are so much in my thoughts – I’ll keep all fingers crossed!!! I am still vacationing … hope to get a chance to check on your blog soon … I am so excited!!! HUGS!!

  5. How exciting!

  6. You’ve put in so much work already – yet a bet you barely sleep over the next few days.

  7. So much work, and both of you look like you have still lot of fun! Can’t wait to read about the opening soon.

  8. This is so exciting, I am sure it will be wonderful!!!
    I really really really wish I could be there Opening Day!

  9. It’s so close… and how cool about the forklift! There’s a resourceful guy for ya!

  10. It looks so good! I’d help unpack if I was there. 🙂

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