9 Days till Opening

And the shoes are in! Or at least some of them. And as  most of the store area is done – the rest of the shelves and furniture should arrive with DHL on Saturday, we have been working on the storage area lately. Other things that have been finalized this week: the ball pit is done, the ads have been sent to the news paper, more promotion packs were dropped of at some papers, champagne for the VIP opening was ordered, wall signs are on their way with trucks from Slovenia, and the painting (knock on wood) should be all done!

Pics of the day: A somewhat organized chaos…




11 Responses

  1. Spännande! Nu börjar det dra i hop sig ordentligt!

  2. Jag vill också få frossa i massa färgglada skor!!! Hur stora storlekar har ni? 39?

  3. Åh, vad spännande detta är!!! Är så glad för din skull.

  4. Hrm…vet inte varför jag blev anonym…Fixat nu iaf.

  5. Look at all those boxes! You are really counting down the days now!

  6. That is so EXCITING!! I cannot wait to see pictures of the finished store!!

  7. Too cool! I’m so excited for you guys!

  8. Wow, it’s really coming together!

    Have a glass of champagne in the ball pit for me!

  9. Oh yes, champagne in the ball pit for sure! It’s getting close! YAY!

  10. I’m so excited for you guys!

  11. Just seeing all those boxes makes me so excited for you! Like it’s happening to me or something 🙂

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