Who Would Have Known?

It’s been a really busy week. We have lowered the ceiling in the store, and I finally finished (almost) the filling and sanding of the ceiling. Just as we were getting ready for round number two with sanding etc, the electrician who was putting up the emergency exit sign (apparently that has do be done by a specialist) showed up to tell us we had forgotten one cable. I so know he did not tell us, as Bookie has been having a blast (no sarcasm there, he does actually like that part) pulling cables for everything left and right in the store. So, up on the air tunnels we went with cables, concrete drilling machine, little drilling machine, pipes and little screws to put in the extra cable. Bookie believes that you cannot develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (me) within two days, me myself, I am pretty sure you (I) can. Along with a real good neck pain for standing on a ladder two days and looking straight up and working above your head.

Other and more surprising things in the news: I joined and got certificated by the mall’s volunteering fire department? Really, I did. I don’t think I understood more than approx 25% of what was said, the guy had a really tough accent, but there were lots of pics, thankfully, so I did get the major parts. And now why did I do this? You see, now I do not have to pay the monthly fire department fees 🙂

I am off to the store for a quick round of sanding the (knock on wood) last part, then the painting can begin! And, thenI am picking up Heidi, Vince’s nanny who is coming for 2 weeks from Denmark!

10 Responses

  1. Du upphör aldrig att förvåna mig Kicki… nu ska du bli brandman också? I love you.

  2. Jag överanstrände mig i handlederna när jag började jobba på Lear efter studenten så att jag knappt kunde använda händerna. Det gjorde svinont! Blev sjukskriven och senare opererad i ena handleden som då hade blivit inflammerad. Diagnos: karpaltunnelsyndrom. Hoppas du inte har det! Annars är det starkt jobbat!

  3. You’ve been really busy – take some pictures of your progress I want to see it!!

  4. I love the clever way out of fire dept fees. Do you get a badge or something? :o)

  5. Förutom att brandmän just nu är på botten av vår lista och bör kräla i döda människors hudavlagringar, så är det rätt coolt att du nu kan titulera dig brandkvinna, Kicki!!! 🙂

  6. Och hälsa Heidi !!!

  7. Wow! You guys have been busy!!

  8. And you’ve been tagged 🙂

  9. Liebe Kicki,

    ich lese ja regelmäßig deinen blog und habe bisher nie einen Kommentar gepostet (kleine Ausrede: ich lese die Seite im Büro zwischendurch und schreibe privat ungern e-mails). Nun es ist wirklich einmal an der Zeit, Dir auch eine Rückmeldung zu geben.

    Ich finde es wirklich toll, wie Du Deine Aufgaben als junge Mutter und Geschäftsfrau vereinst und dabei den Humor nicht verlierst!

    Bon courage für Euren Endspurt
    wir sehen uns bei der Eröffnung

  10. You’re one busy girl – how do you get all this stuff done – I am really in awe!!!! Miss ya! And don’t forget to post pics about the progress!!!!

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