It is 9 am and so far I have been to the grocery store, packed a whole cart filled with groceries (it is a public holiday here today, so I had to go to the expensive grocery store at the train station, the only one open on holidays), stood in a long line, just to realize that I had forgotten my debit card. Did not have cash either. I never have cash. And of course they do not take credit cards at the grocery stores in this country, only Austrian issued debit cards…. Came back home, slightly annoyed, realized the card is in my pants, which are in the washer I loaded before I left… Wonderful. Nice and clean, soaked and bent at the little chip point and over the magnetic thing too. I will call the bank guy tomorrow and ask for a new one – the fourth one in one year that is. Took the rest of the laundry out and found some very clean coins and – drum roll here please – Bookie’s cell phone. It is going to be a great day.

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  1. Vet hur det känns, jag gjorde samma sak med jobbets kontokort för några år sedan. Samt tvättade en diskett med massa viltiga jobbgrejer på i samma tvätt . Jag fick jobba kvar ändå : )
    Kramar i stora lass!

  2. Men stackars lilla Kicki. Vi får väl hoppas att morgondagen blir bättre…

  3. Jag hade köpt mig en lott…

  4. Haha! Du är den bästa husmor jag vet!!!

  5. Not a good way to start the day! I hope things go a bit better!

  6. Oh no, not his cell phone too! I hope your day gets better from here on out!

  7. Days like that are no fun! I hope your day gets better! HUGS!

  8. Time to have Vince get involved in sorting the laundry. My kids love “checking all the pockets” before I put things in the washing machine. It’s a treasure hunt for them (I let them keep any coins they find). It’s also a lifesaver for me, when they find a cell phone, lipstick, and notes with important info.

  9. Oh NO. Hope today is better…

  10. Ack stackars dig! Åker imorgon tidigt, men tänkte uppdatera dig: fortfarande inget barn.

  11. Hur slutade dagen? Lever ni? Finns lägenheten kvar? Är försäkringarna outnyttjade?

    Själv har jag gått runt som en zombie. Det bästa är väl att det inte blir så mycket gjort då, så det är inte mycket som kan gå fel. Alla dagar har visst sin charm (för att vara svenskt, optimistiskt klämtjäck).

  12. ah man! what a morning you had!

  13. Here’s hoping the afternoon went better by far!

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