Working on Walking

The instructions from last weeks PT is to keep working on the sideways walking with Vince. He is doing great! I am so proud of him. He still does not like walking forward  with things, he tends to just try to climb over them instead… But he easily stands up, reaches for the highest point he can reach and then tries to pull it down. This place is a mess, but I am not complaining.

Here he is walking along the coach. And that is me throwing things to keep him motivated 🙂

9 Responses

  1. Way to go Vince! Looks like a little boy I know here in the States starting to walk with furnicure!

  2. Look at him go!!! That is so awesome!!!!

  3. He is doing sooooooo well. Pretty soon you will be casing him all over.

  4. Vilken duktig prince Vince, han kan ju nästan gå på egen hand, och vilken härlig coach, vem skulle inte anstränga sig lite extra med de glada tillropen! Du är toppen Christina!
    Izas farmor Åsa

  5. whoo hooo. way to go lil man!! he is doing great!!!!!!!

  6. He is working so hard there! WHat a clever boy. I also wanted to mention that one of my students – from Kuwait has a 10 year old sister with DS who is bilingual – and managing it very well.

  7. That’s some impressive cruising!

  8. Wow…that’s amazing! He’s doing so great!

  9. Oh my, he’s gotten so big over the summer! Way to go Mr. Vince, soon you’ll have your momma running!

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