Did It!

Ever since we were told Vince has DS I have wanted to approach other parents to children with DS when I see them around. However, I never quite figured out what to say. I mean, just because we both have children with extra chromosomes does not mean we have to be friends. So, up until yesreday I never did. But yesterday as Vince and I was riding the bus home from the city, and after the lady (around 60ish) really bitched (sorry language) me and two other mothers out for riding the bus with strollers as they take up too much space and we should pay extra because otherwise people like her could not sit; each bus has a little extra space in the middle for strollers, you are SUPPOSED to stand there with your stroller. She proceeded to tell us how lazy we were as we were not walking with our kids, and then got off at the second bus stop – i.e. walking distance for her. Anyways, after that this woman got on the bus with her adult daughter who had DS. The lady asked me a question about Vince’s pacifier, and I told her that he still has the very smallest size in order for him to use his mouth muscles more, because he also has DS. Oh does he, she said. Now, you have a wonderful life infront of you! This is my adopted daughter, I have been her foster mother for 29 years, she is 35 now. And I have loved it ever since I first met her. We talked for a little longer, till she was getting off the bus. It was so nice, not scary at all, and she liked it as much as I did. So next time, I will hopefully have no doubts to approach an other parent!

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  1. I love moments like that. I know it is peculiar in some ways – after all you may only have the love of someone with an extra chromosome in common – but as a special needs mama in a mainstream world it is really lovely to connect with other families from the ‘club’. Just like a ‘regular’ mothers’ club really.

  2. That is so great. Love you angel! pusspuss

  3. Brave mama! Good job. I haven’t gotten the courage up to do that yet!

  4. First, the woman who B*tched…….such a sad life that she has to lash out at mothers of little ones in strollers.

    Secondly….yeah! on the real life meeting. I too at first was not sure how to approach other parents with the child with T21 as we chanced met in the store, at functions etc. Today, sometimes it is a knowing glance and smile [like we both are in on the best secret in the world] and other times it is a warm, heartfelt chat.

    and as my life with Emma Sage has rolled forward, it is amazing to me how many special people in my life have stories that related to T21 in their lives…..My GodMother is the guardian of a young man with T21 in Nova Scotia….she has been his advocate for over 35 years. My Mother’s other dearest life friend, her sister was a nun and ran an orphanage……at one point most of the babies they received had T21…but she told my ‘Aunt Marilyn’ that she was so happy to see that change in the early/mid eighties…and sad for her she said, that they rarely ever get babies with T21 and she said ‘They were my special angels’.

    I love reading about your life with your Prince!!!!

  5. Good for you! I’m so shy I don’t know if I could have been brave enough. I’m so glad you did and it was a good conversation!!

    Oh and the woman who was complaining about the stroller sounds absolutely horrible!

  6. how great!!!! i attack people who have children with Ds now!! it gets easier , believe me!!!

  7. I love meeting people out in public who have kids with DS. As for people who bi&ch and complain, I ignore them 🙂 or I kill them with kindness (which makes them even more mad).

  8. Sounds like a good interaction with that mother! I don’t always know what to say either – and like you said, just because our kids have Ds doesn’t mean we have anything else to talk about. That’s like saying oh your daughter has blond hair too LOL

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