So we now have a signing coach and Vince is really liking her. Me too 😉 She has a son with DS, so she knows a lot of stuff. Her son is now 18 and just got a job too. Anyways, for all of you not used to signing, below is a video where you see Vince working on a computer game and cause/effect. He is also learning how to understand language. He is not signing any signs yet, but he can wave bye-bye, clap (since a few months) and he is starting to wave his hands eagerly when yo sign to him. He also likes music:

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  1. Sieht ja sehr toll und spass aus! 😉

  2. Han ser ju verkligen ut att ha roligt, den lille prinsen. Jag har inte börjat teckna med Melia än, men om ett par månader så. Började med Liam runt 4-5 månaders ålder.

  3. Look at HIM. He looks like such a big boy!

    And poor Bookie’s itty bitty tie…that was funny! I can say that because I didn’t do it…hopefully Bookie thought it was too!

    AND you have KEYS! TO! THE! MALL! Wooo hoooo!


  4. How cool! He looks like he’s having fun. He “head bangs” to music too – just like Delphine.

    I’m so glad you like the coach, it sounds like she will be doing great things with Vince!

  5. Is the signing universal, or does it change from language to language?

  6. how cool is that???? so great!
    sorry about bookies tie, too!

  7. What a big smart boy!

  8. Das ist ja toll!

    Sie hat einen sehr süßen österreichischen Akzent 🙂

  9. That is a lovely clip. We use Auslan here – a bit closer to British sign than American. It feels a bit odd signing if you are not used to doing it – but in no time at all especially when you see how most kids respond – it gets so much easier! Hannah goes to a regular music class (called Jitterbugs) and she is honestly and without bias – the BEST kid there – so focused on the music – and doing ALL the actions – some of that is due to her being so comfortable with the notion of signing. And it is fun too!

  10. what a cute video! he was really enjoying it!

  11. This is beautifull!!! I just found your blog. I’m a mother of a son with DS (he’s regular type :-)) …
    Vince is really a Prince 🙂

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