More Walls…

I was right, I am sooo bored with working with filling the walls, but I have finished that part. I was just about to do a happy dance, when Bookie explained that good, that was 20 sq meters of filled wall, now only 72 sq meters of ceiling to be filled. I almost died. But it looks good, and I am excited we are moving along according to plans 🙂

I was looking like a pro doing it yesterday, I was wearing filter in front of my mouth and sand papering along with a little manual sandpaper thing Bookie claimed was the best thing… I then just decided to try the machine-sandpapering-thingy – cut the work time (for me) down to like 1/10th of what the manual thing did, take one guess which one I ended up using…


3 Responses

  1. It’s looking great! You’ve done so much work – I can’t wait to see it all finished!!

  2. Silly men, Power tools are made for girls too……hehehe it looks great and I can wait to see it done…

  3. Puh, jobbigt när man håller på MEN vad snyggt det kommer bli. Stor kram

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