Working Day and Night

Yesterday was yet another one of those crazy days. I finalized some contracts, picked up some keys to the mall that we did not have yet, I had one more bank meeting, I played with Vince and had a blast, and in the evening Bookie and I went to work on the store. And just as I thought, the filling of the wall is becoming a lot less exciting… But apparently I am good at it, Bookie is satisfied. Still, it needs to be done twice everywhere. I am almost done with the first part, luckily half of the sandpapering of the first half is also done.

Another lesson learned yesterday – don’t wear pretty pink sandals to the garbage dump place.

2 Responses

  1. Good tip on the sandals.

    Sounds like you’re staying busy and things are coming along well at the store. I know you are so excited to get it open for business!

  2. there is so much involved when you’re opening your own store isn’t there?! Glad to hear it’s all coming along nicely!

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