So Sorry

Bookie, I am so SORRY. I was doing good, ironing those shirts that have been laying around forever, including my white jacket. Then I did the laundry, and just like you said, I only used 60c for the whites, just to save the planet from un-needed power usage (you know those extra 4 power plants we talked about when you wanted to change ALL light-fixtures in here – and actually did)… so I am very sorry to say that I accidentally washed your pink silk tie in the 60c wash… And as we both know, the washing machines in Europe work a little different than the American ones, so after 75 min, I think the tie is even too short for Vince now…

7 Responses

  1. Älskling, som tur är tror jag inte Bookie är ihop med dig pga dina husmoderskunskaper. Trots att de nått oanade höjder den sista tiden. Saknar er!


  2. Haha, Emma har en poäng där… Och Bookie är en GOD människa som säkert förlåter dig. Du försökte ju vara duktig, eller hur?

  3. uh oh! Hope he forgave you 🙂

  4. Hey angel, no worries. You know that I am not the biggest fan of ties – and anyways, this pink tie looks really funny now. I am sure Vince loves to play with it.

  5. Told ya, darling, Bookie is DA MAN!

  6. Haha, that story sounds familiar. Shall I mention my husband’s pink underwear, hehe?

  7. whoopsie!!!!

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