Need That Tool Belt…

Apparently I did good with the filling of the walls and shelves last week, because Bookie allowed me to go in to the store on my own this morning, while he watched Vince, to finish it up. It is really starting to look different and it is really exciting! Opening is today in four weeks!

Vince is having a rough time with his teeth, and I am hoping they just will grow in there fast. The forth of the first molars is on its way and he is all red in his mouth and very cranky. He just wants to be held the whole time. And since I only have four weeks till I go back to work, I am giving in 😉 Bookie has five more working days, then he starts his 6 months of paternity leave!

Picture of the day: Vince holding hands with his friend Sophie.


2 Responses

  1. What an adorable pic of Vince and his little friend!

  2. Paternity leave sounds cool! He’ll have so much fun …. and the six months will go by just like nothing. So, ENJOY, Bookie!

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