That is what he was, the doctor. No way around it. P-d me off enough to never want to go back… He very fast realized that I was not a native speaker of German (no problemas for me), and then proceeded to tell me how much harder we were making it for Vince by making him bilingual. I explained to him that we were actually making him trilingual, at which point the doctor looked like he was ready to confess to all of Graz over my/our stupidity. I explained to him that learning and understanding different languages is not the problem, it is the ability to speek and pronounce that can be hard for chromosomally advanced kids. He did not agree. But Vince ears were fine, and we are for sure finding a new doc for the next ENT appointment! His loss, not ours!

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  1. Wow, what a jerk!!

  2. Ack. I still sometimes run into doctors who are clueless, too. I’m so sorry. I hope that by meeting you, at least he knows that there is a mom out there who thinks differently than him. I hope it makes HIM think a bit.

    You are fantastic! And you are right. Vince will benefit so much from knowing many languages. All we have is ASL and English…I’m envious!

  3. He does sound like a jerk and I would be looking for a new ENT too!

    Just a couple weeks ago I saw an article about kids w/Ds being bilingual! I wish I would have saved it; maybe I can google it and find it. It would be nice to print out and send to this guy!

  4. Just found the article:

    I remember after reading I thought, well Kayla “learned” 2 languages as well – ASL and English! She might not be a fluid conversationalist in ASL, but she sure learned a second language – Vince can too!

  5. I don’t see why kids with DS shouldn’t be able to learn multiple languages.

    Children grow to the extent of their capabilities best when their capabilities are tested and not assumed. This applies just as much for little DS kidlets as it does for the chromosomally-shortchanged.

    If anything, Vince will have a platter of languages from which to choose the one that speaks the closest to his heart.

    ENTs and audiologists all have their heads up their butts– my audiologist when I was a kid gave my parents SO much bad advice it was unbelievable.

  6. btw, google is plethora-full of articles and info on bilingual kids with DS.

  7. Right, a jerk he is. We don’t go back to this guy. Pusspuss

  8. Stå på dig, Kicki! Du och Bookie vet vad som är bäst för Vince och jag tycker det är helt galet att man kan påstå sig VETA en massa innan man testat. Kör på and time will tell, right?

  9. The more any child is exposed to the better. Ignorant people are the ‘limiting’ factors-it isn’t the extra chromosome or other issues that folks face. With encouragement and repetition-folks can do fantastic and Vince will be great and smart-knowing 3 languages. Everyone has strengths/weaknesses-and only by teaching/challenging will you find out what one can/cannot do. Keep up the good work and in a few years- it would be great to have Vince walk into that doctor’s office (just to stop by) and tell him in 3 languages- ‘You said I wouldn’t be able to learn/handle 3 languages- what do you have to say now? You obviously aren’t as smart as you think you are!!”

    Keep up the great job with Vince!

  10. Jag måste sälla mig till skaran.

    Vad vet en öronläkare om språkinlärning. Talcentrum sitter väl i hjärnan och inte mellan hammaren och städet?

    Nu finns det rätta klippet på bloggen 🙂

    Kramar tillbaka till Vince från Elvira

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