We are off to the Dr’s to see exactly how small Vince’s ear canals are and to look for fluids in the ears. Hopefully, there will be none. Just a routine thing we were told to do to make sure his hearing is fine.

Picture of the day: Milk Built This Body


9 Responses

  1. Oooohhhhh! Süß! ;o) GLG Santi & Nicole

  2. Hur söt kan man bli!? Helt underbar är han!

    Hoppas att kontrollen går bra idag.

  3. Vilken sötnos!

  4. ÅÅÅÅÅHHHH! Vill bara äta upp honom!

    Men ska inte, jag lovar.

  5. I hope all is clear in his ears!

    He is such a doll – what a beautiful smile! I missed seeing him while I was gone 🙂

  6. That picture is too cute! I love the t-shirt!

    Let us know how the trip to the doctor goes!

  7. Hope it works out fine

  8. I love his shirt – how cute!

  9. OH MY GOD! Orion has that EXACT same shirt – it’s from H&M, right? 😀

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