Uno Mas 21 (One More 21)

I just joined Uno Mas 21, a DS forum. As usual, you start out by introducing yourself, and so did I. Today when I checked in, I had gotten this answer (among others) and it just made my day:

Hi Christina and welcome.

As you can see my name is Debbie. I am not a parent but an adult who has Down syndrome. I have the Mosaic Down syndrome. I have had this explained to me by a lady whom I have not seen in a long time now. She said that I have trisomy/Mosaic Down syndrome. I am much older than some I know and have met who have Down syndrome. I am forty six years old. I live with my parents here the United States. I have been posting on here for some time now. I don’t the exact years but it has been a long while. I like to read what the parents post and try to encourage them as they travel on this uneven journey the are on.

I can write and read pretty well. Sometimes this confuses those who don’t know me that well. I love to read and this has been a blessing of course since I want to know what is happening in the world but, it can be almost a curse too. I have many other attrabutes but also have my other problem area’s. I can share with others about my experiences living and growing up with Down syndrome. I am someone who “lurks” on here but I do try to post on messages where I can add my experiences with someone.

Welcome and post when you can. Tell us what Austria is like. My neighbors across the street traveled through that area in Europe and of course stayed a few days there in Austria. Do you live in Vienna? I am sorry if I mis-spelled that word. I have read that Beethoven lived there. He is one of my favorite classical music composers. I believe Schubert lived there as well. Yes, I enjoy classical music.

How cool isn’t that! Thanks a bunch Debbie 😉

9 Responses

  1. Doesn’t that just put a huge smile on our faces?

  2. Så kul att få läsa hur saker och ting ser ut från andra sidan, så att säga.

  3. That is cooler than cool! Woo hoo. Thanks for sharing!

    I blogged about you for Blogathon!

  4. How cool! I had a young man on myspace who has mosiac DS contact me and he writes me occasionally. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. That is way cool! As a mom of special needs children, it is always a special blessing to read words written by people who know how my boys feel, what their life it truly like. Thanks for sharing this glimpse from a special lady.

  6. How neat that she commented on your post! I used to lurk on the NADS board and there is a lady, Yvette, who has Ds (don’t remember if it’s also mosaicism or not) but she posts occassionaly too and trys to answer questions from parents.

  7. so awesome!!!!

  8. Wow! That is pretty neat and so encouraging!!!!

  9. That is SO encouraging. I would love to talk with her!

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