We have two prospects on possible insurance for Vince. See, I have not taken the time to write about this one, cause it SUCKS. Basically we can not get any insurance whatsoever for Vince. The regular stuff that everyone else gets in Austria, sure, but nothing extra. No Krankenversicherung (Sick insurance) or Unfallsversicherung (Accident insurance), all because of his extra chromosome.

Bookie, the knight in shining armor, has dealt with all this and it is simply depressing (same story in Sweden). The sick insurance for example would allow us to sleep in the same room as Vince if he got sick and needed to be in the hospital. It would also mean that it would pay for treatment outside Austria if there was no treatment in Austria if he got something realy scary. The accident insurance would have similar issues and I think that is the one that covers us if we are abroad and will bring Vince back to Austria if he gets sick/has an accident, plus of course with regular accidents. Bookie my dear, dear, dear Man, wrote an article that was published in the DS Austria Magazine, and we do seem to have two possibilities for the Accident Insurance now at least. To be continued….

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  1. Kicki, så här ett år efter att Vincents föddes och alla
    ville tala om hur lycklig han var som fick er till föräldrar,
    förstår du nu vad vi menar? You guys make a difference!
    Jag är så stolt över att få vara din vän. Kramkram till er alla.

  2. Håller naturligtvis också med dig om att det suger rejält att inte
    Vince ska kunna få en riktig försäkring. Jag håller tummarna.

  3. Kicki, håller med Idha exakt. Många andra hade bara lagt sig i sängen och gråtit. Typ jag. Det är helt tokigt att det inte ska gå att teckna försäkringar för Vincent. Heja heja heja Bookie!

  4. It does suck. Hard.

    Todd wants to be an independent, but then we wouldn’t have insurance coverage on Jack. So he has to be employed by a company that will in turn provide insurance for Jack. When he left his last job, we had COBRA (continuing coverage) and it was over $800 a MONTH. Sooooo…now he’s employed with a company and Jack is covered. No company = no coverage.
    To me it’s like saying, “I’m sorry…she’s a GIRL and we don’t cover GIRLS. Girls get pregnant and babies are costly.”
    The irony? Todd is an insurance adjuster.

  5. how frustrating! I hope this works out!

  6. Wow. I don’t like hearing about this! It’s very interesting that you’re having these problems because here in America, a new movie called “Sicko” came out, basically totally criticizing the American Health Care System, (which does need a complete over haul, most agree on that), all the while singing the praises of the European health care systems! Like everyone in Europe gets “FREE” healthcare no matter what.

    So it’s interesting to hear a different persepective from a mom with a son with a “pre-existing” condition. Here in the U.S., Jaden automatically qualifies to get Medicaid, which is free for us. He gets any and all health care, regardless of what is needed, FREE! Just because he WAS born with DS. This is very interesting that it seems the opposite where you are. I really hope that you can get all the help and services you need!

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