I got a lot of stuff done for the store this week. I finally manged to negotiate my way around the cash-register-system- gangsters and got myself a good deal. As somewhat of a shopaholic, I still never bought a cash register system, so let’s hope it is a good deal at least.

Yesterday I had a meeting with an insurance-gangster. (I call all sales people gangsters). Even though he tried to get me to get all types of extra insurances, I think I did good in the end here too.

I also called the gangsters at two different places to get the phone, fax and Internet set up. That was a less successful attempt. Bookie is calling them today as the guy was so non-sales oriented he just could not explain it very well so non-technical me understood.

AND I did all that in German. I managed to use titles with almost everyone – first name basis does not exist here till the older, more experienced etc etc has said that it is OK to call each other by first name – makes it a lot more complicated with the grammar too.

Picture of the Day: Extreme Close Up

11 Responses

  1. Hej Vince, cool shirt!
    And Kicki, I am super proud of you. You are doing a real great job.

    Puss puss

  2. Kicki, I’m sure you are the worst gangster!!! ;0)You are the best and I’m sooooo happy for you and proud to be your friend.

  3. Du bist so clever Liebchen!

  4. Grattis!
    Vad du har varit duktig och fixat och donat – imponerande!
    Väntar ivrigt på lite bilder från bygget. 🙂

    Jag visade maken din blogg igårkväll och han är också nyfiken – det är ju han som byggt min butik så…

    Ha det så gott!

    Kramar från Eva (Vincent)

  5. Wow and you did it all in German?! Heck, I can’t even talk in English half the time, lol!!

    What a cute picture of Vince!!

  6. Oh my gosh, blue eyed boy!

    I’m going to use gangster from now on. That’s a great word. Good job on getting that stuff done.

  7. Oh those eyes….those fabulous, sparkly, beautiful ,dazzling, blue blue oh so blue eyes.

  8. Yup, that’s darn efficient! And that little Prince… man, he’s too much goodness for the eyes!

  9. You are such a talented gal! Your German is as good as your English and Swedish!!!!!! You rock!

  10. first of all I love the pic of the day! Too cute!

    Sounds like you got a lot accomplished!

  11. oh i could just eat him up he is sooo darn cute!!!

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