No Construction Yet…

My construction skills were temporarily put on hold  yesterday. As it was raining last night we were unable to pick up the material for the store and ended up on a regular date having sushi.

On the list of my unlimited skills I have now managed to get a mosquito bite UNDER my big toe and it itches like CRAZY!!!!!

4 Responses

  1. Good for you, Kicki, you needed that date with your maaaaan. But sushi?! *ööörk*

  2. Du är duktig du. Liam kom just in och såg bilden på Vince, den i mitten, och sa ” Vincent, inte så glad.” Ha, ha, ha…

  3. I hate bug bites on my feet! It’s like the worst place to get them!

  4. at least you were still able to have a date! and what an awful place for a mosquito bite!

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