Moving Along Just Fine

I talked to the mom again yesterday and she IS doing better. She got in with the same PT as us, which is great as she supposedly does not see any new people. The PT is a wonderful lady who makes miracles happen, she has been a HUGE help to us both with the activities and with getting us hooked up with the ‘right’ good people over at the Clinic. I also gave the new mom a phone number to the eye doctor we have. It is such a relief that she is doing better, and I know she is going to be just fine. She sounded so much at ease after their first PT session yesterday. She just has to get used to the news first.

On an other note, we got some material in today for the store. The baby sitter is coming to night and Bookie the Builder and I the not-so-good builder will spend the evening in the store building stuff 🙂 I am looking forward to it. I hope I will enjoy this more than painting a room… It always seems fun in the beginning but then I usually get bored cause there is so much taping to do and then the paining it self takes forever… Well, we should get to the painting part soon enough….

Question: Does anyone know of a DS mother from Croatia, maybe from some forum? If so pls leave me a comment or send me an email!

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  1. Det är förfärligt trist att måla och greja, men det blir ju så fint
    sen, och tänk att du för första gången verkligen jobbar för dig
    själv! Ska bli så himla kul att se hur din affär ser ut när du är klar
    för att slå upp dörrarna. Och visst kan det vara mysigt att vara ensam
    med sin man i en affär i ett övergivet “mall” på kvällen..?! 🙂

  2. glad to hear the mother is starting to do better and getting hooked up w/Vince’s PT! It does take some time to adjust to the news and come to a peace about it – especially when it’s such a shock.

    Hope you take some pics at the store tonight!

  3. That’s great that the mother was able to get the same PT as you guys! Have fun working on the store!!!

  4. Vad duktiga ni är! Tror det kommer bli superfint i er affär lagom tills den slår upp portarna. 🙂 Ang DS-mamman så är du ett fantastiskt stöd! Tänk om alla fick den fina supporten.

  5. Hi Christina and family,

    Me and Martina my wife live in Zagreb, Croatia. We visit yours blog almost each day from August 2006. We got two sons Kristijan 7 years and Andro who was born on May 10, 2006 with DS. He is very similar to you son Vincent. We think that yours blog is the best in DS related blogs and we are very grateful with yours awareness for young kids with DS. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some information’s about Croatia or to share our experience about our sons.

    Best wishes to you, Vincent and Bookie
    Borko, Martina, Kristijan and Andro.

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