City Nights

Sarah and her boyfriend are touristing around in Europe by car and arrived in Graz last night. We had the baby sitter look after Vince tonight and went into the city for dinner and drinks.


Carro, Me, Sarah and Bookie, Lasse is the paparazzi guy behind the camera

Tomorrow they are off to watch the Lipizaner horses that are bread for the Spanish Riding School in Pibar. Vince and I are off to other adventures. We got a phone call today from a mother of a 10 days old who just happens to have a bonus chromosome. The mother is currently in the stage most of us has been in, and is really sad. So Vince and I are going to visit them and hopefully cheer them up. We talked for a long time on the phone today, and she only lives 10 minutes away. I really hope we are able to help her a little.

13 Responses

  1. Looks like a very fun night!

    Glad you and Vince are going to cheer up the new mom – I’m sure once she sees how cute and amazing Vince is, she’ll be feeling better.

  2. looks like a nice time. good luck with the new mommy. once she sees vince, i am sure she will be ok!!!

  3. It is soooo great that you and Vince will be able to talk with this new mother!! I wish, wish, wish I had known back then what I know now…I wouldn’t have shed one tear. Hugs to her (and you for sharing Vince with her!).

  4. The pic looks like you enjoyed it. And it’s funny you sat right across H&M, hahaha!
    I am sure you will help the new mom, pretty sure Vince will.

  5. Vince är ju helt rätt person att övertyga henne om att allt kommer blir bra. Eller som Henrik säger (ungefär fyra-fem ggr i veckan) : Vincent är en UNDERBAR människa.
    Jag kan bara hålla med!

  6. Glömde…
    jag var faktiskt mer intresserad av att se Saras man än er andra! 😉 Har du inga foton på honom?

  7. Jag är mest impad över Carros barr! Vad långt det är!!! Du är god Kicki. Lycka till hos familjen.

  8. Hi Christina, I just wanted you to know I gave you an award today so please stop by and check it out! Hope all is well! I’m excited for you and your store!

  9. Dinner and drinks?! What’s that?! LOL, it’s been so long since Patrick and I have been out. Seeing your post has motivated me to get us out!

    Have a nice day tommorow with the new Mommy, meeting other parents is what helped me out the most 🙂

  10. Sounds like a great time was had by all!

    Give Vince a big hug from us!

  11. I love the new header!

    I’m sure Vince will help cheer the new mother up – who could look at him and not be cheered up!

  12. make sure she knows all us moms and dads are out here ready to welcome her!

  13. you have come a long way since the newborn stage.

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