I have been tagged by Amy over at The Flege Farm  and Ulli over Ulli’s Blog…  for this Me Blog Meme: So here it goes 8 things about me that you did not know:

  1. I am very organized nowadays – eventhough my brother did as a 6 year old or so, express concerns for me and my huge disorganisation (i.e messy room) and asked my mom: ‘Mom what is it going to be like when Christina grows up’? But the wind changed and I am now the organized one and he is lets just say less organized.
  2. My first dream job I wanted to have when I was youg was cleaning lady, (I know, does not go well with point 1, but that is irrelevant). I was telling people how I would clean for the whole world. I later abandoned that idea
  3. I sleep without a pillow and preferably on my stomache
  4. I used to kick box with this guy as my trainer 3-5 days a week – apparently he is a world champion nowadays. I did it for fitness though, never ever competed, but I was good. And he does have a very nice accent (South African).
  5. My hands are always cold
  6. My feet are always colder – you can still be Swedish and be cold all the time – I never understood people that tell me: Why are you cold, you are from Sweden? We do have heating there you know.
  7.  I was an au pair (live in nanny) in Atl, GA
  8. I earned the Luxuary Style Banana Republic Card on my very first attempt 😉 My skills are unlimited.

By now, I think everyone has done this. So feel free to jump in if you want to, I will not tag on. But thanks for letting me play!

7 Responses

  1. My feet are always cold too! I’m always shoving them between Joe’s legs at night to warm them up 🙂

  2. Cold feet! You should try some self knitted socks! Hahaha! Need some?

    LG Ulli

  3. Cleaning lady??? You, Kicki? What a joke!!! *haha*

  4. By the way, I love the new look on your blog!

  5. Nice new look!

    I usually have cold feet too!

  6. the new look is great…. great answers too!

  7. […] from 2007, here are 7 songs I was into in 2007 from a Blog Meme then, this Blog MeMe from 2007 shows 8 unknown facts about me. But I will dig out some 2011 facts just for […]

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