Taller and Stronger

From what I can tell Vince is at least not feeling worse, and the meds seem to keep him happier. He enjoyed playing last night and today for the first time in a few days, so that should be good news – but what do I know? As for the liquids, we failed miserably. I think it ended up being almost 240 ml for the whole day, so less than 50% of what he should drink. New efforts tomorrow.

But, we did do this. At the DS conference we went to back in October someone told me to start showing Vince his name as early as possible, so he could recognize it later on. Ok, we started way early, but I bought letters for our outside door (Fam Bretter-Molin) and also bought some for Vince. Bookie, the handyman, got some velcro and put it on Vincent’s door and on each of the letters. Up till now only older kids have been enjoying ripping them down and sometimes putting them back up. Vince is starting to get a hang of the pulling down part:

The good thing is that this is an easy way to incorporate the current gross motor skills we are working on – for Vince to stand up against a flat surface, and not just pull himself up

He also works his fine motor skills by having to use his fingers to grab the letters and by having to pull kind of hard to get the letter to come off

Moving along the line of letters…

Taking a well deserved break!

That is it from our creative corner 🙂

7 Responses

  1. How grown-up he’s getting!! I love the letters on the door idea. Braska’s nowhere near grabbing, but she does love looking at letters we’ve found. Maybe her Pop will see this and take on the little project for her…. 🙂

  2. After a long period of absence I am catching up on the things happening around Vince, your family, your store, etc. I just love the series about Vince eating his Manner Keks and Ramona keeps demanding to see Vincent eat in the video.

    I hope he is doing way better again – infections AND three teeth – poor guy and poor mum!!!

  3. That is so creative with the velcro and the letters! What great skills he’s working on all at once!

  4. What a great idea!!! He’s working hard – way to go Vince!!

  5. Wow, much has happend since last time I visit your blog. Life is just not the same in vacation time.

    Thank you for giving me some fun reading. Am in a little warm and sticky house in rainy Skåne hoping for that the sunny weather we looked forward too still will come.

  6. Hello –
    My name is Tera DeMarco from Illinois, USA. I have 3 children: Joey 7, Nicholas 5 and Devin 16mos with DS. I am new to all of this internet blogging – so please excuse me. I am very interested in Vince’s story. When Devin was born he showed no physical signs of DS. He did have low muscle tone and one line on his hand instead of two. My brother has one line on his hand as well as my nephew. Before we left the hospital his muscle tone improved so they discharged him as normal, but proceeded to run tests. The test came back as DS. According to all his therapists he is not typical DS. He is high functioning. He has more strength in his right side than his left. When I asked my doc about this he said that DS is thourghout the body not directed toward one side. He does not have a lot of DS features and his growth is normal. When I came across your pictures of Vince I was shocked at how much he looks like Devin. Do you know if it is difficult to distinguish between Trisomy 21 and Trisomy 21:21? I am wondering if I should persue more testing. Any information would be helpful, Thank you.

    Tera Demarco

  7. good idea. i hope he gets on the mend. sheena didn’t eat anything but yoghurt when she had abad virus in may. she is back to eating heaps as soon as she felt better.

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