Bad Mother

Me. Again. Just as I though Vince was getting better… As he WAS feeling better this morning, ate a bit, no fever etc we did have EI and  then went to a coffee house in the city. Vince was not a happy camper and would not sleep in his stroller, like he ALWAYS does after EI. And he refused to eat. He was getting warmer and I decided to go home. Well at home I took a closer look at his mouth and realized it was all very very red and filled with little blistards. And he was running a fever around 39c. I called the pediatric, who was of course not working in the afternoon on Wednesday, but I did have her cell number and was able to reach her. She said she would come by our place as she was not too far away anyways. Oh so nice! She came, she saw and she said:

Still viral infection of the throat which had gotten worse, some fungie infection in the mouth and throat, infections where his new teeths are coming in plus a herpes infection in his whole mouth and throat. Four different meds and orders for Vince to drink at least 0,5l or 20 oz a day… Let’s not even go there on the drinking issue, by now you know how hard it is to get this little bug to drink. But we will try; spoon feedings for the rest of the day and night. I feel so sorry for Vince as she repeatedly said that he is in a lot of pain… And I thought he was justa bit fuzzy (but to my defense we DID go to the Dr – same one – on Monday and then she did not see anything and the CRP was good). He is now watching Baby Einstein happily on DVD and chewing on his foot, hopefully he will also eat something more nutritious after it is over.

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  1. Poor little guy. You’re having a tough week, huh?

    You’re definitely not a bad mother! You got the doctor to come to your house — that’s incredible.

  2. Oh no! I hope Vince feels better soon and Cate is right, you are in no way a bad mother!!

  3. Armer kleiner Vince!!! Ich wünsch gute Besserung!! Und Kicki halt die Ohren steif und sag Bescheid wenn wir dir irgendwie zur Hand gehen können. Ganz liebe Grüße, Susi

  4. Poor little Vince! I hope he gets better soon. Abd you are NOT a bad mother!

  5. I think we Moms always think we are bad mothers – we’re not!!! GET WELL SOON, little Prince!!!

  6. Hej little son of mine. I am so proud of you. I can only imagine how much it hurts, but this little guy is sooo brave. And million thanks to the best mum in the world. You are great! Puss puss

  7. Du vet att Vince har dne bästa mamman han kan ha! Men ibland måste man få höra det också. Nu får du det! Puss och hoppas han kryar på sig den lilla stackaren…

  8. You aren’t a bad mom at all!! Poor little guy – I hope you get to just snuggle with your mom all day and are feeling better soon!

  9. Awww poor baby. Hope he gets better soon! It’s no fun when they are sick. I wish Baby Einstein and a foot to chew on would solve all of my problems! Give him a hug for us!!

  10. Hello from Austin Texas, just wanted to say again that your blog is awsome, I catch myself viewing it 2 and 3 times a day. My daughter Winter (2 months old) was born with translocation T21 and reading daily life on others doing so well is very inspiring. Me and my wife comment about you all the time. And there is no way your a bad mother. Your blog is full of nothing but love towards the prince and your family. I hope the boy gets better soon.Tootles

  11. Oh I’m so sorry to hear he is in such pain and so sick like that! Praying he gets well soon!

  12. Feel better, Vince!!!

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