One More Down

Poor Vince also grabbed some ill-willed germs and is also sick. His verdict is fever and a viral infection of the throat. The noises he is making are similar to that of a crow. So I spent about 3 hrs at the pediatric’s this morning, in a waiting room filled with sick kids. I hope he did not catch anything else when we were there. Feels like we have enough on our plate for now…

11 Responses

  1. Oh no! Poor little guy…feel better soon, buddy!

  2. Usch då!!
    Krya på er, både du Vincent och pappa B!!

  3. Gracious! Another thing for you! I’m sorry you’re getting hit with alot all at once! We’ll be sure to include Vince and Bookie in our naptime prayers.

  4. Armer kleiner Vince – wünsche euch allen gute Besserung.

  5. Hoppas dina pojkar mår bättre snart! Och jag håller tummarna att du får vara frisk.
    Här i Svedala är allt bra- jag längtar till semestern som inträffar på fredag!! Hoppas solen vågar sig fram lite bara- har varit mycket regn på senaste tiden.
    Stor kram (fast lite på avstånd 😉 till alla tre!
    Puss Lina

  6. Oh no, poor little sweetheart! Get well soon!!! And Mommy stay fit!

  7. Get well, get well soon, get well, get well soon….

  8. Oh no! 😦 I hope he gets over it quickly and you are able to avoid all the germs. Delphine sends Vince a big get well kiss!

  9. Hoping that it passes quickly. It’s so hard when they’re sick!

  10. ah man! You just can’t catch a break! Sorry to hear Vince is sick now and I pray he gets better soon!

  11. aww man….. that stinks…. hope he feels better soon!

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