Fun in the Sun – and Inside too

It was such a beautiful day today, and to give Bookie some peace and quiet, Vince and I spent almost the whole day outside. The sandbox and his baby pool are high on his top-list of things to do:

Testing the feel of grass on his behind

Splashing in the pool in the shadow

Inside for a quick snack – a Manner Kex – a huge hit with Vince

Look at that grip!

Getting a bit messy

This is fun! Ps. Conny that is your calender in the background, and yes I have now changed the month 🙂

Still chewing and clapping, my mini-man can multi-task!

The hit and miss rate of the part of cookie that actually made it to the mouth is still unknown…

Oh so proud of himself after having eaten about half of it

Working his way all the way to the end

Needless to say, Vince went back in the pool after this. He then had a 2.5 hour nap in the shadow and his mom read a book in the sun. Bookie is recovering well, but still sleeps most of the time! To add to Vince’s nutritions of today, he also had his first Happy Meal – I know really healthy, but I was lazy – and he did have tomatoe soup with fresh basil for lunch…

12 Responses

  1. What a fun day! and he sure does look like he’s enjoying the chocolate wafter cookie (at least that is what that looks like to me!)

  2. Looks like he had a blast today! Vince so needs to come over and teach Joey how to eat a cookie!

  3. The pics are so cute! And I can’t believe your wheather is so different to ours! Hey and life cannot always be healthy.

  4. So cute! Oh, you would die if you knew how many Happy Meals my child consumes each week…he a nugget freak.

    And I had to smile at the bare behind picture. It wasn’t a good day unless Jack had been naked in the backyard at least once.


  5. urgulliga bilder som vanligt på din prins. saknar er! kramkram.

  6. He is so cute – and so proud of himself! I love it!!

  7. What a fun day! I love the pics!!!! Vince makes my heart smile as always!
    Hehe, I just discovered our calendar in the background – you guys are still in MAY 🙂 Cracks me up! You must like Cleo and the Countess, huh? Of course, she’s from the Swedish Royal Family 🙂

  8. Beautiful photoes. Beautiful boy! I hope Bookie is on the mend.

  9. Å så ljuvligt härlig han är den lille pojken! Hans goa leenden och glada ögon gör så gott!
    Ha nu en riktigt skön sommar med sol, bad, många chokladkex och en och annan happy meal!
    kram från Izas farmor

  10. Sounds like a fun day…I would love 2.5 hours to read in the sun. (Or nap in the shade!) Lucky you, and Vince!

    Hope Bookie feels better soon!

  11. Life is good 🙂

  12. What a chocolate covered cutie!

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