Moving On

Bookie came home around 1 am this morning, the verdict is pneunomia and to stay in bed till at least Tuesday. He got a bunch of meds too, and I hope he will start feeling better soon. Thankfully, it is no salmonella, which is what they were a bit afraid of due to his India trip.  

In the last few days Vince has refused to eat is normal food, the baby jars that he loved just a week ago. So we have moved on to regular food – all meals- and so far so good! He is also finally drinking a bit better. I am thrilled. Lesson learned (again), he will do it when he is ready for it. So for your viewing pleasure, listen to my son eat:

11 Responses

  1. Jag ser med spänning fram emot den dagen jag själv sitter där i samma situation! Det verkar vara en liten utmaning…
    Gute Besserung Bookie!

  2. I tagged you, take a look in my blog. Hope you unterstand it, hahaha

    LG Ulli

  3. Poor, poor Bookie. Give my love to him. Kram Alexandra

  4. Men herre gud, det finns ju inte minsta spår av immunförsvar i er familj! Ojoj, hoppas han blir frisk raskt. Krya på dig Bookie!

  5. Krya på dig-hälsningar till Bookie! Och oj, oj, oj, vad Vincent har blivit stor. Vilken skillnad det är på bara de månaderna sen jag såg honom. Och aptit verkar han ju ha…

  6. Ooohhhh süßer Vincent … hört sich ja lustig an wenn er ißt ;o)! Gute Besserung an Burki!!! Liebe Grüße an Euch 3!!!

  7. WOW! WTG Vince! Can Joey come over and get lessons from Vince on how to eat big people food?!

  8. Yay!!!! Vince is doing really well! I was laughing because he does the same stuff Delphine does…bends backward, looks around. So cute!

    I’m sorry about Bookie. That is no fun! I hope he recovers quickly.

  9. Feel better, Bookie! And way to go, Vince!

  10. Listen to those lips smaking LOL It must have been good – what was it?

    Glad to hear Bookie is home and hope he feels better soon!

  11. oh i love listening to you talk even though I dont know what you are saying !! 🙂
    Hope bookie starts feeling better, poor guy..
    Tell Vince, mayson says num num num, when she eats!!!

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