Yesterday was an easy day. We just hung out in the garden ad played in the sand box, the baby pool and in the grass. Vince’s buddy Alexander came over too, good deal for both the kids and the moms!

Vince eating Alex’ birthday card. We missed Alex birthday as we were in Sweden. Vince and Alex both had the same estimated due date to be born, Vince was born two weeks before that date, Alex 2 weeks after.

Vince looking a bit off while Alex is happy as can be

Close up of the wild one

Today our new EI person starts, so at 11 we have EI again for the first time in 6 weeks. Vacation over for Vince!

4 Responses

  1. Hej Vince, have fun and enjoy your new EI trainer. I hope she is a good one.
    The pictures look great. I wish I could stay home with you right now. Give mami a kiss.
    Puss puss elsklin

  2. They look like good buddies! Good luck with the new trainer…Delphine starts her therapy today too!

  3. I love those kind of days 🙂 Hey I have a question….when you moved to wordpress how did you get your past posts etc. on wordpress. I am going to make the big jump 🙂 Any info is appreciated.
    Kim and Miss T

  4. sweet pictures! I love how blond his hair is!

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