No More Toys?

I did like a million things today or at least almost. But I actually got all that I wanted to get done done, and we scheduled our first session with the signing person. The session will be at our place, every two weeks, for 90 minutes. It runs over the same place that we have our Early Intervention (EI) with and is all paid for by the state.

It was also the info-night for Vincent’s daycare, which he will start in in September. I like it. I like it a lot as a matter of fact. They have no previous experience with a kid with DS, but are all excited about it. The parents seemed nice (minus one) and the environment is nice too. My German is so slow right now after having spent a long time in Sweden, and I forget to listen… So when I heard them talking about a new project they were doing I was only partly paying attention. Turns out they are working on this project where the kids have no toys… I was chocked, however after seeing a film from the last year and how much the kids had developedtheir social, cognitive and speech skills, even my materialistic side was relaxed. It starts with the kids sending the toys on vacation – pretty cute – and then they use alternative toys like art supplies etc. So I am in. And of course they can play with toys as much as they want to at home.

2 Responses

  1. I would have been surprised at the no toys thing too – but it seems like they have an interesting plan. I hope you’ll keep us in the loop about how it works out.

    How cool you are doing a signing thing too – that’s exciting!

  2. well that’s interesting! I’d like to hear that goes once they start it!

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