Midsummer etc.

Last Friday was Midsummer’s Eve, the biggest holiday in Sweden. Midsummer was celebrated back in the days with the Viking’s too and it has something to do with that it is the longest day of the year. The sun sets around 11pm and then rises again around 2 am. For Midsummer’s half of the Swedes head for the west coast, the other half heads for the east coast. So, on the bandwagon we went, and headed to Idha’s summer house on Hamburgö, in Bohuslän, Sweden, about 100 yards from the ocean.

Naturally, we had to fight the crowds in the grocery stores to get the typical groceries – dill, new potatoes, herring, chives, Swedish strawberries – all purchased during incidents similar to a battlefield. You’d be chocked if you were there, but finally I gotten what ‘our’ share of the feast was and could start battling the traffic instead… The weather was worse than ever – I don’t think it stopped raining the whole day, but we still had a blast in the summer house!

The house on Hamburgö, the yellow one

Alexandra, Me and Idha

..and the Prince of course…

According to the tradition you should drink a lot of snaps… We tried our best. Here I am with Henrik and Stefan (Idha’s boyfriend and Alexandra’s husband)

According to the tradition, you should also dance around the midsummer pole with flowers in your hair. Something with wishing for good crops… We did skip this one as the rain was really pouring down by now… But a lot of people still did it, and the kids loved it.

Even though the weather sucked, we still headed for the beach around 11pm (Stefan, Henrik, Idha and Alexandra)

Stefan and I jumping in the water

The next day the weather was a lot better, and we headed over to Smögen, the creme-de-la-crop of the Swedish west coast

In the afternoon we went swimming on Hamburgö again

Proof that I actually did go in, and yes you can go swimming in the ocean in Sweden in the summer withou dying from freeze injuries, despite what people think the ocean actually does warm up – at least a little bit 😉

13 Responses

  1. Great pictures! It’s so interesting to read about all the different holidays overseas than here in the US. And great pictures too!!

  2. I feel refreshed through your holiday! Really neat pics! Especially that darling boy, of course.

  3. Great Pics! Looks like you had such a great time! Awesome jump pic!!! Right now – I miss summer!!

  4. Ni verkar ha haft en liknande midsommar som oss vädermässigt och då var vi ändå i Småland! Typiskt midsommarväder helt klart. Härlig bild på lillkillen dessutom!

  5. Numera fästman..! 🙂

  6. Looks like such a fun trip!

  7. Sounds like a fun holiday – even with the rain. I love all of your travel photos, they are so beautiful!

  8. what fun pictures! Looks like you all were having a blast! I can’t believe how much “older” Vincent is looking in his pictures!

  9. looks like a great time you are having!!! your pictures are great!

  10. Thaks for this nice pictures. And yes, of course you can swim in the ocean in Sweden. If someone can’t believe it, look at this: http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/09/1687909/1280_3034653265376662.jpg

    It’s Sweden (Halmstad) not Spain. 😉

  11. The pics really show what a wonderful time we had and I miss ya all heaps and heaps! Smooches!

  12. Å vad ni är söta pluttisar!!!!!!!!!!

  13. […] will dearly miss hanging with Idha and Alexandra with their families at Idha’s summerhouse as we did last year. But first we have to find out about the celiac, that will take place tomorrow at […]

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