So cliche, but so true: If I had known in May last year what I know now, I would not have had so many worries as I did, finding out my son is chromosomally advanced.

Here he is helping my mom unloading the dishwasher – OK so the help is limited, but still!!! He loves standing and pulling to a stand. He takes a few steps to the side, just a few – but still – to the side when he gets a good hold; he can crawl pretty fast across a room (no more combat style crawling, nope crawling on four); and he can get to an electrical socket and stick his fingers in there in no time…


13 Responses

  1. Hej Vince, I am sooo proud of you. I guess, daddy has to fix all our electric sockets at home right now.
    Have a great day in Sweden!

  2. He’s doing so great!

  3. Vad duktig du är Vince…min diskmaskin skulle också behöva tömmas. När kan du komma hit?

  4. What a good little helper! A man who helps in the kitchen…what a catch!

  5. Extra chromosone or not, my daughter is considerably more help around the house than my son

  6. He looks like a wonderful little helper! And look at him pulling to stand…way to go Vince!

  7. Joey discovered the electric outlets too, we had to cover all of them! Cute picture of Vince!

  8. I know EXACTLY how you feel! If only you could let every woman around the world, hearing for the first time today that her baby may Have DS or Does have DS, know this is how they too will feel! I wish I could scream it across the world the exact same feelings! Your baby will by so much more “typical” thank you were ever led to believe, and your baby will bring you more joy and happiness than you were ever led to believe! 🙂

  9. Ok, excuse all of my mis-spelling above! I really need to re-read before I post!

  10. He’s wonderful, and so are you! 🙂

  11. Wow, he is really doing great…that’s really encouraging to see. Go Vince!

  12. Heja Vincent! Vad kul det är att läsa om er lilla familj. Och nu så fanns det så många nya poster att läsa. Tack!!

    Kram Erika och Elvira

  13. He is so cute! It sounds like him and Rhett are doing alot of the same things! Boy if they got together…….watch out!

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