Läckö Slott

In 1996 I went to Atlanta, GA to be an au pair. The first friend I made over there was Alexandra, an other Swede lost in the au pair life. Neither of us had a very good first impression of each other, however, we ended up being great friends. A few months later, Idha joined us in Atlanta, and the three of us was an unbeatable combination – or at least that was what we thought, with our selfmade IDs (made out of monthly Swedish subway cards that we had slightly changed over at Kinko’s to all of a sudden be 21), ability to always get lost when driving (no Idha, crying does not get you out of speeding in the construction zone), and weekly excursions – usually Sundays – all over GA to see such things as Whistle Stop Cafe, Anne Ruby Falls, Kennesaw Mountain, Savannah, downtown Atlanta (where Alexandra and I actually did go inside Grady Memorial Hospital thinking it was some kind of museum…) etc.etc.

Anyways, Alexandra eloped to Las Vegas last year and got married to her boyfriend of +10 years. Idha and I gave them a Castle Adventure together with us as their wedding gift. So, Sunday was the day. We headed over for a day at Läckö Slott, about an hour drive away. With guided tours, lunch in the castle and coffe served in the royal stable (?), Alexandra was delighted to say the least.

The trio: Me, Alexandra and Idha

Läckö Castle built in 1298, right on Lake Vänern

3 Responses

  1. Hurra, hurra, hurra, hurra to Alexandra ; )

  2. About the speeding ticket (which ended up being § 125!!!) can’t blame me for trying… 🙂

    And about the picture above, I´m 6 months pregnant, not just fat!!! 😉

  3. What a wonderful trip!! I love visiting castles, they are so beautiful and amazing.

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