He did not get better, more the other way around. The fever would not go down, so I ended up calling our pediatric in Austria, who told us to go to the hospital. So we did. For about 8 hours to be exact. They were really super nice and we did not have to wait long at all, even though we did not have any of the right paper work or proof of insurance etc. They checked his ears for infections, his throat and all kinds of other stuff. The only thing the figured out was that the CRP (I think it was called) was rather high with a value of 55, which suggest that something was not right. So we ended up with antibiotics and some ear-drops (to resolve some wax). The antibiotics are oral, and is a powder to be mixed with 20ml of water, three times a day… That is more than Vince drinks in a week almost (formula excluded). That will be a tough one, but we will do it. Then we also got some other fever reducers, they are not oral, but the other option… Tried those after I had managed to squeeze the first dose of antibiotics in his tightly shut lips. 30 seconds that plus some came back in the diaper. He was exhausted so I just was preparing the bottle, he has not had anything to eat all day, so I figured he needed something before he fell asleep. He drank the bottle half way down fast, sat up, burped and threw everything back up.

He is a sleep now. Unfortunately we will miss the DS mommy meeting tomorrow that I was part of organizing. I am so sad about this. An other time I guess.

And, for all of you with heart babies, I can not even imagine how strong you are!!! The last two heart babies were Delphine over at Banana Migraine) and Georgia (Over at Unringing the Bell) who both had open heart surgery on June 4th or 5th… You parents are so strong, I am having troubles seeing my little one with ‘just’ a virus…

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  1. Feel better soon Vince!!

  2. My goodness, we don’t want this ickiness! Braska and I just read the post and she’s sitting in her chair now and kind of talking sadly. Here’s prayers that the winning smile for Prince Vince will be back and the illness is soon kicked!

  3. Oh poor Prince Vince 😦 I’m so sorry he is so sick – it is not fun for moms or little ones. I’m hoping he gets some relief soon and I’m so sorry that you are missing the meet-up!

  4. Hälsa sjukprinsen från mig!

  5. Hoppas du mår bättre snart Vince!

  6. Wünsche dem kleinen Vince gute Besserung!

  7. Gute Besserung an Vincey!!! :o)

  8. Lilla Vincent, hoppas du mår bättre snart! Och ta hand om din mamma sen när du blir bra igen- det kan hon nog behöva då 😉
    Pussar och kramar

  9. Hej fina Kicki. Jag har varit apatiskt fjärran från nätet pga flytt. Inser nu att mkt hänt. Du har varit här. Vince har blivit sjuk.
    Ni är finast och bäst.
    Massa pussar!

  10. Oh, Vince! I hope you are feeling better soon!!!! Hang in there!

  11. poor poor vince.. i hope he is feeling better soon! i agree on the parents of really sick kiddos… i too get all upset even over a crazy cold. i dont know how they do it !!! hugs to vince!

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