Oh No

We are back at my parents house. We mostly just hung out in the garden today and in the afternoon I took Vince and headed for the big city Vänersborg. My SIM card for my Swedish cell phone finally arrived via mail, and I now have a phone again! I actually bought a new phone too 🙂 A pretty pink one. Vince was getting fuzzy, so I shared an ice cream with him and Angela, but he kept fuzzing. When we got home my mom said he was really warm – I figuered it was from riding home in the car… He had a fever of 39,9c. Then came the throw up and full diapers too. I gave him some paracetamol and the fever went down to 38,5 before he fell a sleep – My poor little guy. I hope he gets better by Thursday, we are meeting 16 DS families in Gothenburg and I am so looking forward to this…

8 Responses

  1. Oh no! Feel better soon Vince!

  2. Uh – oh! Feel better soon Vince! I hope you are able to still meet all the families on Tuesday.

  3. Inte roligt att du blev sjuk Vincent!
    Krya på dig riktigt snabbt så att du och mamma får det bra i GBG, och vi syns på lördag!

    Puss och Kram

  4. I hope little Vince feels better fast!

  5. Here’s wishing for a speedy ridding of that fever!

    Christina, I can hook you up with a peek at our pics if you’ll send me an email at braskasmom@gmail.com. :o)

  6. Hoping Vince is feeling better soon!

  7. Oh! Gute Besserung für den kleinen Vince! Chris & Nicole

  8. Gute Besserung, kleiner Mann!!!!! Hast du den Artikel gelesen? Gefällt er dir? Lg aus Graz

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