Bookie flew back to Austria this morning, so now Vince and I are here alone. We have been here mailnly for the Vincent Shoe Store preparations, kick-off for the fall and winter shoe collection. They look fab and I am so excited about getting  MY store ready.

We did miss the King and Queen on Skansen on Wednesday (Sweden’s National Day) as they were going to show up around 7 pm, and we figured it was going to be way too late and really crowded anyways. But we went to Skansen in the morning anyways, and Bookie spent an eternity (three hours) at the Wasa museum.

We also went out to Åkersberga yesterday to visit my cousin and her hubby + 2 kids. Bookie was the driver as it just happens I might just have hada few too many glasses of white wine Friday night… So, first time for him (and me) to drive alone in Stockholm. We got lost immediately. We turned around and eventually found our way out to the suburbs. It was fun to see Ulrika and her family, her daughter Emelia is just 5 days younger than Vince. We grilled and had ice cream. Apparently it has not been this hot in Sweden since 1972 or something, it was +32c yesterday…. On the way back we got REALLY lost! And to add to the adventure, we ended up in the middle of Stockholm City – may not sound so bad, but oh it was. Cause yesterday was also Stockholm Marathon… Eventually we saw the famous Globen off in one direction, which is really close to my brothers house, and we did come back home!

Today is my niece 4th birthday, so I am sure it will be more adventures to come!

3 Responses

  1. Låter som att ni har en trevlig semester i Sverige. Blir ju nästan lite avis…När kan man få se höstkollektionen då? Vill ju veta vad man ska beställa till trollungarna i höst…Inte för att Melia kommer att behöva skor, men några söta inneskor/mockisar lär hon ju behöva åtminstone.

  2. Hey Ihr zwei! Viel Spaß noch in Schweden! Liebe Grüße und Bussi an Vince, Christian und Nicole

  3. Hälsa Ingrid och gratta!

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