It Is Cold in Sweden

At Graz Airport we ran in to an old colleague of mine and then to Nicolette, the lady I wrote about who teaches early reading and will also be our signing coach when we get back… Small world.

We arrived in Gothenburg, Sweden after a nice flight and I realized that the restrooms at Landvetter Airport are the only once I have been to in the world which are co-ed and include urinals… for men that is… but still.

Today  we are going to Anna and Andrea’s wedding. It is raining. A lot. And it is cold. Really cold. +9c /50s. So looks like lots of happiness is coming their way. The wedding is in Fiskebäckskil and the reception in Lysekil, two small places right on the ocean. So hopefully it will clear up a little bit by then, or that boat ride is going to be really cold. To be continued…

7 Responses

  1. Hoppsan vilket tråkigt väder i morse. Men nu på kvällen har det klarnat upp o blivit sommar igen. Vädret ska tydligen vara fint hela veckan (o vi som är på väg till Grekland).
    Fint med bröllop på västkusten. Har alltid en längtan dit. Sol o salta bad!
    Önskar er en trevlig vistelse i Sverige (fullt program verkar ni ha). Kramar A-M

  2. Enjoy the wedding.

  3. Hope the wedding is wonderful – and not too chilly!!! Enjoy your trip!

  4. Hope you guys had a wonderful wedding – and don’t forget to post a picture of you and the dress you chose!!!

    P. S. You gotta check out my latest post, hehe. [url][/url]

  5. Hope you have a great time 🙂

  6. sounds like a beautiful place. hope you stay warm!!

  7. How was the wedding??? And the dress, hehe?? Can’t wait to see pics!!!! You gotta check out my recent post about Alexandra …. 🙂

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