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Bookie came home early yesterday and said something really cute, How come we forget was so difficult in the beginning. And no he did not mean DS, he meant having a baby 🙂

We had an Entwicklungs Diagnos/Developmental Diagnoseyesterday, based on the Swiss VADEMECUM (isn’t that what you wash your mouth with???) theory which an EI did (the EI is a whole looong other story I will post about soon). Vince scored really high on everything except independence. He was at 9.5 months there as he is not holding his cup/bottle alone. I was pretty relaxed to the whole deal, and so was the EI. If he could hold his bottle he would be at 13 months, so it was a pretty big leap. Today we have another one at the hospital. And this is why I love our PT – she fixed it so we will have (according to her – I have no idea) the best doctor doing the evaluation. She said the regular once are way to mean for Vince, and don’t look at the individual, so she went her own way and got this guy who is supposed to be really good. and nice. So officially we have a PT session where he will just show up and observe Vince. Nice deal!

2 Responses

  1. We blot out so much.

    I now only have the vaguest of memories now of all the sleepless nights, worries and fears about the newborn.

    Although they come flooding back as soon as I’m with someone who has a new baby

  2. You do forget don’t you? It sounds like Vince is doing wonderful! How good your PT was looking out for him and put him with the nice doctor.

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