A Day Off

Bookie and Vince went to his parents so I am having a day off. Weird feeling – the whole day to myself with no diapers to change, no food to be prepared at any special time and only me to care about 🙂 So I will FINALLY get the papers together for the US tax-return for 2006. We ended up having to do an extension as PWC sucks! (Sorry Emma). I/We have always filed with H&R Block before and without any troubles. This year we were offered to do it with PWC as a  part of the relocation program at Bookie’s office and PWC was going to do it. So we sent all the info to PWC in Vienna, we get an email back saying we have to complete there on-line profile with SSN etc, no biggie I think. Right. It was a HUGE file with all kinds of info (how much securities did we have, did we qualify for exemption 204 etc etc) of tax question we had no clue about. So we send them an email asking is this really stuff WE need to do, is that not what they are doing when they file for us? It was basically like filing the taxes on-line yourself. So we do not hear back, I call them like 6 weeks later asking what is the status of our file. They reply they have to call the people in Toronto (?) to check on our status. The people in Toronto replies via email that they have not received our papers yet, and it looks like we don’t need to file a US tax return as we had no W-2’s. Interesting as there were 3 W-2’s n the pack we sent them… So they ended up doing an extension for us – and now they are asking for our tax returns from 2003,2004 and 2005 and to please complete that information with the exact number of days I and/or Bookie were in the US + which of those were working days. Great stuff!

But something cool happened the other day. I was walking my usual walk with Vince down to the river, and we took some back roads. All of a sudden I see this lady coming at me and waving. I look behind me to see if someone is behind me, and she then says in English ‘Don’t you recognize me?’, which I have to admit I did not at first, but as soon as she spoke I did. It was Nicole, the wife of a former colleague and friend I worked with in Michigan. They then moved to the Syracuse office, and I have not seen her since her baby shower in June/July 05. She is Austrian, and I knew they moved back, but they live a few hours from here and usually don’t hang around the small back roads of Graz 🙂 So, Nicole it was great seeing you again, Ramona is absolutely precious (that was the bun in the oven), and I hope we get to see each other soon again. I will go with Bookie next time he goes up to St. Valentine.

Pictures of the day: Vince and dad going for a bike ride


Those are the only shoes Vince has that are not Vincent Shoes… bought pre-birth and pre-Vincent Shoe Store-plan


8 Responses

  1. låter inte som semester min kära, kära vän! 🙂
    men du njuter nog mer än jag gör av att deklarera!

  2. He looks so cute in his bike helmet! Enjoy your day off!

  3. A day, all to yourself? I am sooooo jealous. Enjoy it!

    Love the bike seat. We can’t find one nearly as suitable for a baby…what brand is it?

  4. That sounds like a brain-tiring day of paperwork! I keep thinking there cannot be more cuteness to come out of that little guy…Vince, of course…(no offense Bookie :o) but then along comes another endearing picture. Braska even giggled with delight!

  5. Vilket strul med deklarationen! Hoppas det ordnar sig för er. Skönt med en dag för dig själv antar jag fast jag misstänker att du saknade dina män en hel del ändå!

  6. What an honor I made it onto your blog 🙂 And two times yes – PWC do suck and I really look forward if you’d manage coming to St Valentin!!!!
    And by the way, I showed the Vincent Shoe Store to all my friends and all of them loved it and can’t wait for your store to open…..

  7. Good for you for having a day off! I love the bike seat! I want to get one just like that! Do you know the brand! We’ve been looking for a good one, that one looks really good!

  8. Thanks for the link to the bike seat. Of course, you can’t get them in the States, as is the case with most cool stuff. Guess I need to plan a trip to Europe soon!

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