World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD)

As I said before, today is World Down Syndrome Day. We finally figured out what we can do to make a little difference. We got an opportunity from DS Austria and the wonderful. Mrs. Wiesler and we are heading to the ORF radio station in a little bit. We  will participate in an informational radio program about DS. We are going to be the parents that answer questions about what it is like having a baby with DS. Listeners can call in and ask questions. For all of you in Austria, it will be in ORF Radio Steiermark between 9-10 am. I will see if I can get a link to it later and post it too. Keep your fingers crossed that I use the right words in German and not make some total blunder by accidentally saying the wrong thing (like the time I thought I said ‘sure thing’ and I actually said ‘fertile, really fertile’, thank G that was not on radio though…).

16 Responses

  1. Lycka till!!!!

  2. Vad kul. Själv firar jag just nu med att inte kunna sova. Kramp i vaderna…ah, the joys of being pregnant. Fast jag ser på klockan att hos er är den 9 nu, så jag är väl uppe och är nervös för din skull. Hoppas allt går bra. Vill ha rapport senare. Kram, M

  3. Hey, cool! And I _do_ hope you make a couple blunders, that’ll stick in people’s memories much better than a perfect slick talk :-).

    BTW: I published a “where’s the fire” posting on Technorati. If enough people vote for it, the Down Syndrome Day just might make it to the front page. Here’s the link:

  4. Happy Down Syndrome Day. I can’t wait to listen to your interview and I hope you can find the link!

  5. Happy Down Syndrome Day! How cool you get to do the radio program – good luck! I made a little flyer for parents at d’s daycare and we bought d some yellow tulips. It’s a wonderful thing to celebrate!

  6. Thanks a lot, Christina!!!
    And for you guys, too!!!!! 😉
    I didn´t have much time lately to comment or even read all the blogs I´d like to. There´s a perfect German word to use in this kind of situation, but PLEASE DON´T say it on the radio: Scheisse!

  7. Var det så att Vince var med i montaget du tipsade om? Eller såg jag fel? Har lagt det på min blogg nu. Passade ju bra en dag som denna!

    Kramar till Vince från Elvira

  8. Hi Christian, Vincent and Bookie

    I hope you had a great, wonderful and memorable first WDSD! Hat off (Hut ab, same in English??) to you for getting the chance to talk on radio about this one special chromosome.

  9. Happy World Down-Syndrome Day to you too! Celebrate DIVERSITY and live life to the fullest! EVERY DAY!

  10. Nu har jag läst din kommentar på min blogg. Ja, jag ska vila mig nu…fast först ska jag och Liam baka kakor för att fira WDSD. Men ikväll ska jag göra absolut ingenting!

  11. Happy WDSD! How neat that you were able to be on a radio show! I hope it all went well; can’t wait to read all about it!

  12. Happy WDSD to you guys too!!

  13. glad you are feeling better and happy world down syndrome day!! hugs!

  14. What a beautiful boy!

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